Thursday, 3 July 2008


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You see, something has happened over at Amazon inMay and June, that's COMPLETELY re-written therules for people like you and me. And made thingsmuch EASIER for you to get published.Now (as crazy as it sounds) it IS possible for youto publish and list your books on Amazon.. in only19 minutes (or less!)What's more... when you do it the way Irecommend... it costs you NOTHING to get yourown info products listed on Amazon! Nada, zip,zero greenbacks. And it takes no special knowledgeor software at all.But here's the thing; you DO need to take two orthree very special steps to prepare. Do it right.And when you take these special steps, not onlycan you list books. You can also list your videosand audio content too (again, listings are zero-cost).


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Complete Newbie online, where to start and get fast cash

This is the question , many new online money makers ask , where is it easier to start.

However there are different scenario. If you really have no money to invest and want to start getting some fast cash, let me tell you that you will need hard work.

Here are some ideas to start generating some cash without spending anything.

With little or no experience at all, it is relatively easy to start trading on Ebay. Anyone can sell anything easily on Ebay. Start selling - yes selling is fun , start out the first week with selling your own used stuff, get the feel of it, once you see how many people will be interested in what you are selling, you start getting to know how to answer queries to your customers, shipping items , getting positive feedback , the fun to start online begins and will not leave you.

And the good news is that you have already generated some fast cash within a week.

And from here we will now move on with other more interesting ideas, how to become a real successful trader online.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


There are some great free videos you can check at the brand newsite "Mini Site Profits Exposed".All you need to do is register for a free account to watch thevideos.There is absolutely NO purchase required to watch the videos - andthey are very well done and will help even complete novices learnhow building small product focused mini-sites can bring in bigmoney!Now let me tell you about this site and the guy who is bringing usthe videos. Michael Rasmussen is almost legendary for buildingsuccessful web sites using the "Butterfly Marketing" strategy ofgiving away things of tremendous value for free in order to getpeople to visit his site and look at his other offers.You may know Michael from his Email Promos Exposed - where he gaveaway a video course and gained tons of new followers! That isanother great example of a Butterfly Marketing type site that hashuge income potential!

If you ever wanted to study a BM site, this is the one to look at!So what is the site about? Building small mini sites!This new product which launches today has videos on how to makeprofitable mini-sites that provide great content for free or verycheap. Videos and eBooks that are easy to make if you know how! Ifanyone knows how to build these money making mini sites, it'swithout a doubt Michael Rasmussen.You can learn a lot by looking at his site!If nothing else you owe it to yourself to see the PROCESS Michael takes you through at the Mini Site Profits Exposed web site. It'svery clever! In fact this strategy is a great way for a newbie inmarketing to get out there and launch a product and build areputation. It's much easier than creating a premium productbecause when you give something away of value - it's easy to gethelp from the big guys who will happily send traffic!Since you give so much value away for free, almost everyone is opento promoting this kind of a site. Even the biggest of the bigshots! It's a win-win because when people such as myself and othersuccessful marketers tell their subscribers about the valuablefreebie people appreciate it. It's great to be able to givesomething away that is really good for free! Just be warned the real success of mini sites and the BM marketingmethod stems from what is called a "One Time Offer" or an "Up sell"

.If you are not familiar with this strategy you simply need to checkit out! This is one of the ways you can make a free mini site intowhat Michael calls a "Human ATM machine"! The idea is to offer anUPGRADED version for a ridiculous low price.Drop by his site and have a look - you'll get to see some greatvideos for free and can learn how a master does it. And be sure youtake notes of the sign-up process - what I do is SAVE the pages soI can study them later and see specifically what the process is!There is a lot to be learned just from studying a winning process!

Well, that's it for today!

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