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Find future trends with the Internet Time Machine

written by Michael Kwan on June 28, 2010

It is a position of workers written by me on behalf of NowRelevant.Toutes opinions are a 100% mine.

We examined the Internet Time Machine in April and found that it is an excellent tool to make marketing niche .the ' Internet Time Machine to find profitable niches without risk before anyone else. This gives you this "first mover" advantage.

Developed by NowRelevant, a search engine that gives you everything you want to know your subject for the last two weeks, the machine time Internet allows you to know today what will people buy tomorrow. Having this information can be valuable.

Find niche products to promote can be a very tedious test and many new affiliate marketers give up because it is simply too long.They'll get to do is to promote the same opportunities that everyone is promoted.The only problem is that there is so much competition and they cannot compete with the big guys.

The Internet Time Machine eliminates the tedious work for you by presenting the niches that increase demand but not .How do I supply that? the collection of data over 40 million sources worldwide 24-hour service.In doing so, he can find new niches and trends before someone another .Niche marketing is more cost-effective to make money on Internet.a key method is to find profitable before any other nice done and the Internet Time Machine can be a great help in this regard.

Find the relevant trends and increase

The Internet Time Machine offers three separate utilities but connexes.On is the latest of the entries in the last 24 hours, next potential research trends, and the last is the fundamental trend analysis.

How to have free money, time freedom and freedom of location

I just published my latest call eBook live life point com: How To have time, money and freedom rentals. Live life point com details, rules and methods used to live anywhere in the world and have money come even when I am not working.

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You can't lose with this offre.Cela don't cost you a single penny, and only for eBook download, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple iPad! I am going to be drawing winner in the first week of juillet.Allez get it now!

Download the Ultimate Profit Blog template and living the dot com life

Ten things that I learned about Problogger validation

Comments General8

a post by Larry Brooks of guest

10. It is a community énorme.Comme in, ginormous.Littéralement, around the world, with digital cable everywhere and partner Fed Ex.

Which means my cynical humour frequently to American plays always places like rural Kirgizstan and Klagenfurt.

9 Online sarcasm is itself a risquée.Sarcasme a writer's business is the another snarky

Point Com Pho - another edition

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Blogging, Steel-Toes, And Kicking Perfections A$$

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Trends in the blogosphere + rigour in blogs

Various comments of Blog Tips3

This column is written by Kimberly Regator Turner (a great tool that collects and organizes best blog the world).

5 Myths that hunting them your Blog blog

As with all myths, there are still some truth behind them.

This is precisely why myths spread and survive, even if they are not true.Myths are destructive to our State of mind, especially when we are not even aware that they occupy our thoughts subconsciente.Nous hear once or twice and inadvertently end up believing, even if we have not had time to really logically analyze if they want.

Which of these myths of blogs are hiding in your subconscious mind?

Myth # 1

You are invited to the Yaletown Canada Day block party

margin: 1px; font-size: 6px, line - height: 8px; height: 8px background - image: url(' '); border: 1pxsolid # c8c8c8 Contextual Marketing Community

Filiales ont toujours été curieuses de trafic CPV, mais dernièrement j'ai été obtenir une tonne de questions CPV de toutes sortes de spécialistes du marketing. Spa, CPA affiliés et même des marchands sont poser des questions sur le trafic CPV quant et comment l'utiliser correctement. Le tirage au sort est clair – CPV est une source de trafic attrayant avec dépens aussi faibles que la moitié d'un penny par impression et vous pouvez connaître à peu près tout. Un des sites plus récents pour former les personnes dans Comment réussir avec l'outil marketing le CPV a été créé par mes deux amis Lucas et Jean. Ils ouvraient avec le seul but de montrer les techniques que personne d'autre n'a. Ils ont également un focus laser sur le trafic CPV uniquement, il n'est pas un de ces sites de type "prise de tous les métiers, maître none" pour la formation. J'ai vu beaucoup de sites qui tentent de former les microcoupures récemment affilié marketers dans chaque type de source de trafic. Il y a rien de mal à qui, mais lorsque j'ai besoin d'un plombier, je demande un plombier. Je n'aller WalMart et demander les gars travaillent à la section de plomberie comment résoudre mon mitigeur rayonnants. C'est pourquoi j'aime le style de la vue site et singulier de rendre les marketers CPV réussie.

Je n'ai jamais vu des techniques.

Lorsque je me suis connecté dans la première fois je me retrouvais lecture par au moins deux techniques que je n'avais jamais vu auparavant.Ces deux techniques sont très intéressantes et immédiatement avaient au moins 3 idées pop dans ma tête sur comment faire de l'argent avec leur immédiatement. Les techniques sont énoncés très organisé avec les vidéos, conseils étape par étape, code php et des exemples de vie réelle qu'ils ont exécuté avec succès dans le passé.

Je ne peux pas révéler les techniques ici, mais une fois que vous vous connecterez, vous allez avoir un "un - ha" moment dans les 2 premières minutes sur le site. Les forums sont très actifs et j'aime ça. Les propriétaires, Sean & Lucas semblent vraiment soin et sont au-dessus de chaque question avec solides conseils rapidement.Sentez-vous libre de privé message eux aussi bien avec des questions ou des demandes qui sont de nature plus personnelle.Ils examinerai même votre compte CPV pour vous permettre de trouver des problèmes et vous définissez droites. C'est un avantage considérable.

Spécial pour John Chow dot Com lecteurs

Ils étaient assez agréable donner mes lecteurs un code coupon à utiliser pour obtenir 10 $ sur le premier mois sur leur site.Ainsi, vous pouvez obtenir 10 $ off en saisissant 93CB83D973 dans la zone de code coupon lors de l'inscription.Ce coupon, toutefois, ne fonctionne que pour le 50 premiers signe ups donc Dépêchez-vous et inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !Visitez maintenant !

My Vancouver Internet Marketers Meetup presentation

For those who could not do, here's a video of my presentation from Vancouver Internet Marketers Tuesday Meetup at the J lounge. The video for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and includes the Q & A. I recommend you will find a comfortable armchair and get some popcorn.

My presentation went on way to 8 make money online presentation, I did freelance camp, but I'm really only focused on a particular way: start your own meeting product.the was a complete sale off with 100 participants and judging by some of the comments left on the site, it was a complete success.

How to make a "Middle Road" mentality and growing your business online

HomeBlogForumWorkbookBookJobsMake MoneyArchivesAboutContact ProBlogger - TipsWritten Blog on June 12, 2010 at 01: 06 by Darren RowseHow having a "Middle Road" and your growth to $ online BusinessBlogging mentality, mindset commentsMy father Posts60 ProBlogger Make Money online has a middle road

My father has always taught me an important lesson in life used me even though today …. ".""Get everyone meet you in life — whether or not they are on the same path as you".

He called the "Middle Road ' and told me that in life, you will come on all kinds of people with different views (in politics, theology, Enterprise) .Bon number of them would strike out of all the world experience or views as incorrect and believe that their way is the best."

However he concluded rather than those with different perspectives written disable you it was powerful to listen to everyone and to learn.

Key was not to accept all what they said as the truth, but take what was relevant to you than on different paths for you and apply it to your own situation - and leave behind what is disapproved with your situation, values and approach.

Advice from the father continued to return to me thanks to life in different situations - but recently it has been applying a lot of my business and an approach to build a presence online.

The way road and entrepreneurial online

You see in the area of entrepreneurship that there are several approches.Certains them online are more extreme than others, and often they friction evil people.

The temptation is to simply write disable all those who rubs you until the right way and to ignore them completely - teaching however the problem with this is that you could be throwing some great teaching which is mixed with a few bits that you don't like.

I was a purist snob blogs

I have been guilty of throwing the baby with the bathwater here many times.I remember be asked for the floor Conference of internet marketers in the United States, 4-5 years ago and far just sick of feeling experience in my stomach.Off the hype, trick and the manipulation of some of those with me.

In hindsight I would took my Dads advice in this Conference because while there were things that I was right to feel makes by - there are also many good things that I would have taken into consideration.

You see at the time I thought that I should simply create a great blog and people would come to it, and I make money - I didn't need to market it, I didn't need to develop products to sell, I could simply create a great website and put some ads on it, and I'd do well.

This approach worked ' purist's OK …. at one point, but I could (and should) have learned a lot from these internet marketers.

I would have listened to them talk about the importance of the construction, a list of email/newsletterI should noted on what they said after my sellI product should have listened to their referring to the process of launching these products.

I would have learned a lot that boxes., but I didn't.Allowed the bad stuff that I saw to overshadow the gold medal that would have taken what I did to the next level.

How I have precedent on the road means and doubled the size of the undertaking my in a year.

Of course, 3 years later learn these leçons.Ceux of you which Lisez ProBlogger knows that I changed my approach somewhat retard.Bien that I still believe in the creation of great blogs and I am still good money to advertising, I started to develop lists of mail on the side of my blog and began to break free from my own products.

I also started to play and get some of these 'internet marketing' people orientated wrestling with some of the most extreme, but there are a few good people in this camp that begin to get blog/social media space too.

An I mentioned that before here is Jeff Walker.Il was known for its product launch formula - something I enrolled in the last year, when he opened it and who taught me beaucoup.Il was actually one of the main people who helped me to return on the "Middle Road ' and see that, while I was having some success that I still had much to learn."

I started from 4 products that have done really well, and this stream of income has more than doubled that I win in only less than a year earlier (my accountant sent to me recently to ask me this than I do!).

Naturally, there are a few things from Jeff education that I left my approach - but the things that I took on Board has been précieuse.La key is not swallowing everything full but take that resonate with you and to apply to your situation and leave quietly as not 'own' side.

Jeff has published recently a video that talks about big product launches and what he learned in route.Il reveals some major details (including the income figures) on some launches video massives.La is well worth the opt in.

If you discover Jeff or not, I guess the lesson home take what I try to communicate, it is to have a mentality "Middle Road".the is great power by opening to learn from those on the different paths that try different approaches to online entrepreneurship.

Discover what works for others, filter on your own situation and values and you might just find that your business grows accordingly.

Then share the ThisWhat?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave PostsPlace your Blog on a 'busy intersection' commentRelated Online advertising to grow 30% in the 2005How becoming more popular (and maximize your income) by making your topic stupidly EasyMarketers look to blogs for spendingFreedom online advertising to be learn how to earn more from your blog get more traffic, revenue and faithful proven technical readers use to my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost effective to E-mail:

An age of bloggers is count?

Various comments of Blog Tips189

A few weeks, I had this interesting question of Arlene Crespo.

I have been blogging since November 2009, and I like really written especially for my life experiences.

My problem is that my age works against me, if people see how old I am in my fifties they will perform a tower.Most bloggers are young in their twenty is thirty to forty years.

What is one to do when your at this age?

I thought it was an interesting question and can generate a good discussion, therefore, I would like to hear your opinion on this sujet.Mais of do - let me share a few thoughts:

I haven't really run into this issue before and as a blogger always in my monsters have not had to deal with personally, I can only really speak of my own personal experience as a blog reader, but when I arrive on a blog by someone who is a bit more mature that me I do not think that I am more likely to read, if anything it could make me believe that the person is a little more experienced.

I am a great believer in attempt to use the situation you're in to your advantage and to try to transform problems perceived into opportunities - so if I was in this situation, I would probably be almost wanting to use age as a way to market and myself rather than hide the brand.

I would be Explorer tries to position me as someone who has experience in my field, that of the challenges that others might not have a face and as someone who can coach and mentor less experienced person.

This approach may not work in every niche, but it is probably where I would be begins.

What do You Think?you think that the age (on ends of the spectrum) questions? being somewhat older could be used as a benefit?is that you have used your age somehow marketing yourself (whether you're young or older)?

PS: as I wrote this post I realize that I asked the question before, but by young bloggers who were asked if they would reveal their age, afraid to be not taken seriously.

I know many bloggers who are still teenagers who have chosen not to disclose their age for this reason - but have also given some who used their young to their advantage as a blogger by the cries of the hilltops are jeunes.Je assumes that it can operate in two modes, but I'd like to hear bloggers for young and old about their experiences with this.

Then share the ThisWhat?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave is a difference between a website and a design blogBlog - PostsThe commentRelated count?East case design blog?first impressions count on tag Meta BlogOn learning how to earn more from your blog get more traffic, revenue and faithful proven technical readers use to my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost effective to E-mail:

Exclusive interview with Jeff Walker on the launch of products out of your Blog (audio and transcript)

Professional Blogger Interviews13 comments

One of the contractors that I was willing to interview on ProBlogger here for over a year now online is Jeff Walker.Many of you know Jeff and his training formula launch product .j's mentioned it as a resource often as something that helped me double my income in the past 18 months I've explored development and launching my own products.

While I was a little skeptical initially on what I could get one called "internet marketing ' and actually prevent that he and others had to teach me - since for taking the time to his course I learned so much on online activity.".

Jeff recently produced some new fantastic videos that many of you will be familiar with so I thought it would be a good time to set up an interview to review its approach, particularly with a view to blogger.

This interview is 35 minutes and covers: Hype, long sales pages and a change of approach in Internet MarketingGetting on the idea of selling Something on a letter for sale coated BlogThe (something blogs are ideal for) is product launches work in niches that are not 'Make Money Online' niches?as Jeff learn in launches its own Blog?(he had more than 2000 people waiting to be read before the launch of an intelligent strategy)Launches a product like EventsSecondary benefits VideosCan product launches new labour LaunchJeff product running for small Blogs?

This was one of the most enjoyable interviews I did it and I hope do you today, the time to have a listen or read the transcript below (I put the topics above in transcript can help you find what you want).

Also make sure that you remove 4 videosProduct launch Millionaires of Jeff - a video giving in information on some of the internet product launchesProduct huge launch disasters - actions Jeff how certain product launches have failed and why in many ways it any .the sharing also an inspiring story of its first clientiPhone - video talks strategy behind iPhone launch recentlyProduct Apple key launch - it's full product launch formula a Jeff PDF download and video that walks you through elle.Il is Gold if ever you are going to launch a product on your blog, and I believe it gives suite for free.

To get you should choose with your email address, but it is well worth the effort .this last video applies the opt - a formula that I printed side of my computer for each launch to do now.

Here is the interview.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jeff:


How do I create money blogs: splitting of May 2010

Blog for Dollars12 comments

Last month, I produced a video where I walked drives through the separation of my income in the month of April to show that income flows into different percentages of my income.

In the video, I shared how separation between income streams may vary greatly from one month to another.

Video feedback was so positive that I decided to keep producing mensuelles.Je breakdowns am not interested to get in total income for different domains but want to share breakdown as a way to show the variety of ways as a blogger can earn money.

Here's the breakdown may 2010:

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

7 Easy tips to your email list growth

I came about this amazing video of my friend Gideon Shalwick. In the video Gideon shares seven methods that he used to help create a huge mailing list. As we all know, the money is in the list. Fully 2/3 of my blog income comes from my list. Anyone not built a list gives a ton of money on the table.

Listing is so easy now than it was when I started. Services like aweber well enough automated the entire process. Above all, it is less average expensive today than ever. You can start you list with aweber today for only $ 1 for the first month and aweber ensures even dollar.If you cannot make your dollar return after one month, send aweber an email and they will give you Cashback intégral.Je who had ever when I was a start!

AWeber provides infrastructure to host your list, but it is always your growing it.These seven buildings of Gideon list tips will help you to do exactly it. make sure you watch the video at the end because Gideon reveals a secret of very large il.Vous can guess what it is?

Click here to download the free report

Internet Marketing Conference = Lame Ass award

I have heard that the Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) came to Vancouver technical pace, so I made a proposal to speak at it. Any good watched the first. The opening address was delivered by Guy Kawasaki. I thought, much! I have again connect with guy and rewarding its Hawaiian shirts.

I have received a producer of Vancouver BMI, Lennart Svanberg, e-mail asking me how I would help in the entertainment market.I have answered back indicating what I'd do to help à.Il emailed to say that I was in an email more later, I was asked to make a 30 second video on speak me to CMT and.

I have the video and email the link Lennart and asked him for some tickets for full access to give (I thought 10).I thought it was a reasonable request.After all, I wasn ' t load BMI to give my presentation and they did not have to pay my travel since I live in Vancouver.Pour comparison, my trip to Affiliate Summit is to New York in August is fully funded and ASE has me always ten passes gold to give .j ' have received return email following Lennart.

Great work of John.

I give u 1 Full Access Pass (for all three days) more 2 tickets on the day that you speak if u do the promotion you promised.

Therefore he considered an agreement, I will simply return to u with exact details on what promotion we expect in return.

Impatient to see u soon

It is clear to me that Mr. Svanberg has no idea who I am u.s. ' it did, it would have never made his e-mail with "IF" in capital letters and "what promotion ahead in return."I was going to speak to BMI Vancouver.Maintenant I am not the cas.Lennart must realise that it is an honour for me to speak to BMI .it ' is the opposite. congratulations Lennart.Vous and invalidate your my ass prices simply received Internet Marketing Conference.

Interview with Blogger Chris Monty: small wins series

There is a really great thread going on the community ProBlogger now where we ask members to share their "small victories" in your blog. The reason is so that we can find candidates for their feature here on the blog and podcast interviews.

With currently dozens of stories, which are really great, we have so many interviews to! idea was our members of the community on the blog feature, but also as a source of inspiration for others who might think that even those "small victories" cannot or do not arrive at their.

First, we start by Chris Monty (shown above), owner of Blippitt.


How to make money on every holiday

ChrisGuthrie make money on the Internet.

I did a little more $ 60,000 in the past 12 months from Amazon affiliate program and it is indeed my primary revenue streams. Many people are turned off by Amazon mainly due to its short 24 hours on 24 cookie length, but I want to show an example of how I earn money with Amazon by focusing on the holiday shopping season each day holiday. The next upcoming holiday are the father of the day and will be your chance to win money today. But before do us that I suggest strongly read you some advice that Darren wrote in the past on how to earn money with Amazon which can be found here, here, here and here!I also share my own advice to Amazon to earn more, but in a twist, I used Amazon followed ID for each unique strategy any 2009 so I could determine what specific tactics were most effective in terms of how much revenue they générés.Les results can be seen here, and in doing so, I found out should avoid tactics.

How to make money with Amazon today:

Have your work Blogging by thousands of bloggers 10 Advertisment

ProBlogger Site News6 commentsLooking to hire a Blogger?

If you are looking for a blogger to hire - ProBlogger Job cards remain one of the most effective and affordable places to find le.Pour only $ 50 listing for a blogger will be seen by tens of thousands of bloggers.

RSS feeds are subscribed to by over 2000 jobs readerseach is sent to my Twitter followers jobs (close to 100,000 people) are displayed on the spotlight group ProBlogger LinkedIn (1900 members)

Advertisers current feed back the quality and number of candidates is high - accordingly, we have a few regular and repeat advertisers.

If you are looking to place an ad, here are some tips on how to advertise for a blogger.

Looking for a job of Blog?

If you are looking for a job of blogging there seems to be much more people looking to hire for the moment.

In 7 days only, we saw 24 new jobs blogs added to ProBlogger work commissions (there are only 18 appearing now as 6 were quickly filled and removed by advertisers).

Stay up-to-date with the latest jobs blog simply follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS work card.

If you apply jobs - these are a few tips for bloggers on how to apply for jobs.

Then, share the ThisWhat?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave a commentRelated PostsThese Traffic numbers are RealChristmas in October to the AdSense HouseGoogle Rowse to provide additional payment options?14 Blogger jobs that can TodayProBlogger launches application PayPerTweet learn how to earn more for your blog more traffic, revenue and proven technical readers faithful, I use for my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost-effective e-mail:

Must read free report and records with dynamic entrepreneurs

Blogging Pro News7 comments

I am literally topic door to speak at an event here in Melbourne, but before me I wanted to inform you about a great free report written by CopyBlogger Brian Clark and two large conversations with incredible Jason Fried (37 signals) and Steven Pressfield contractors.

This is the majority of content, and is a new project that Brian put called action side.

Here's what you get:

A registered (with modified transcription) conversation between the poet/entrepreneur Mark McGuinness and most sought after novelist and historian Steven Pressfield, real art of conversation (with modified transcription) between the writer/entrepreneur Brian Clark recorded entrepreneurship.A (hey, it's me!) and 37signals, founder of Jason Fried on the creation of companies which produce not only remarkable benefits, but remarkable lives.A 31-page PDF report has called me action lateral to the dynamic business start-up Guide.

Records are a very perceptive overview in the minds of people two very intelligent, but the report - as usually with Brian - stuff is really excellent if you think through the business start-up (or redesign an existing one).

For all three only visit side action and add your email address to get immediate access.

Update: the lateral course of action is now live - learn more about it here.

Then, share the ThisWhat?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave a commentRelated PostsMembership Site master plan report is now ready for your free membership Site Masterplan ReportLearn DownloadGet how to create your own membership site - free ReportDiscover how to Make Money with membership in the MastermindBlog Profits Blueprint - Free Resource Site learn how to earn more for your blog more traffic, revenue and proven technical readers faithful, I use for my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost-effective e-mail:

How to turn your Blog into a profitable company

Comment General45

Recently, I have is gone to Connect Conference and had the chance to hug Darren Rowse, meet Gary Vaynerchuk and hang out with my friends from social media .the ' last year, I thought that I would be able to do something so great.

7 Signs of an A-List Blogger in the Making

Miscellaneous Blog Tips81 comments

Guest post by Annabel Candy from Get In the Hot Spot

If you’re into blogging then you might as well aim to be the best blogger you can be. There’s no point trying to be a D-list blogger or you might up even lower down the alphabet than that. Of course, we all start our blogging journey at Z but you may as well shoot to be an A-list blogger at the top of your game and reap the benefits that will naturally flow from that.

You want to be an A-list blogger don’t you? Then check your vital blogging signs and see if you’re telling the world that you’re blogging like you mean it.

If you want to make it into the A-list you owe it to yourself to check if you’re showing the signs. Every time your blog visitors  visit your blog or come across your comments or tweets they’re jumping to conclusions about your level of competence and how trustworty or interesting you are. It sounds harsh and they’re probably not doing it consciously but both blog readers and other bloggers are on the look out for blogs that are going to stand the test of time and will still be around in years to come.

Have you ever made a new friend, hung out with her for months, shared your highs and lows, started to rely on her for everything and loved her more than anyone only to hear one day that she’s moving to China? I haven’t experienced that exact scenario either but I’ve got a feeling it would suck. Unfortunately, it happens a lot in blogging circles. I’ve only been blogging for 16 months but during that time I’ve seen bloggers who’ve been at it for two or more years, who’ve invested hours of their time into blogging, just stop overnight.

If you’re a blog reader you’re often looking for a long term reading plan, someone you can trust who’s going to be around to help or entertain you for years to come. If you’re a blogger you’ve probably realised that having strong connections is vital. Since it takes time to build a strong relationship with other bloggers you want to make sure that they’re going to stick around so you help each other out for years to come. Blogging’s definitely a long term commitment so you need to connect with bloggers who will stand the test of time.

Most of all if you’re a blogger you might as well present yourself as an A-list blogger. If you want to make it into the A-list it’s essential to show these signs. If you’re a long way from the A-list then now’s the time to start faking it until you make it, otherwise you may never get there.

1. Professional blog design

I know two well known blogs by A-list bloggers with tens of thousands of RSS feed subscribers that don’t have their own domain name and template blogs. It’s probably the same basic blog template they set up years ago and when you first see their blog it definitely doesn’t say “warning you are entering the zone of an A-list blogger”. But these two are big exceptions. Every other A-list blogger I’ve come across has their own domain name and a unique blog design which makes them look professional.

Professional blog design isn’t essential to success but the odds get harder if you haven’t invested in your blog or website design. What I like about the web is that it allows small businesses to rival much bigger businesses by presenting themselves as well as they do. If you want to compete on a level footing with the A-list bloggers making sure your blog is designed as well as their blog is will help.

2. A well-defined topic and regular updates

A-list bloggers dominate their niche. They decide on the focus of their blog and stick to it so there can be no confusion. When a new reader gets to their blog they learn immediately what it’s about and there’s a sizeable archive of blog posts focused around that topic to back it up.

When A-list bloggers go on holiday they make sure that their blog is updated while they’re away and most of them update their blogs at least once a week, probably two or three times a week and often daily. That’s what readers have come to expect and you need to make sure you show them you’re doing it.

3. Consistent branding across all social media

Use your professional web design to set up a clear and instantly recognizable brand for yourself. A photo of yourself is the best way to get yourself recognised and provide the personal element people need to build trust on the Internet. Pick a good head shot or get one taken. Decide if you want a serious image like Darren Rowse, a fun shot like Seth Godin or go for a friendly smile like me and Pat Flynn. If you visit Darren’s Twitter page you’ll see he’s also got the Problogger logo and another fun photo wearing his trademark glasses. Include some of your branding, logo or branded colors into your image or personalise your Twitter page so it reflects your blog branding.

4. High visibility

A-list bloggers seem to get everywhere. They’re always being interviewed, being retweeted, popping up on Facebook or being mentioned by other A-list bloggers. Repeat exposure is good. Often it can take several times of seeing your name or blog name before people feel curious enough to actually take the next step and visit your site. Make yourself visible across social media by leaving comments on blogs related to your topic. If you start to retweet other bloggers or interview them they may do the same for you. If you keep this process up you should slowly become more visible, easily recognised and known for your topic and expertise.

5. Friendly

A-list bloggers help their readers out by giving them excellent information and often go a  step further emailing them special updates, replying to comments, giving free webinars or going to blogging conferences where they can meet readers en masse. Like all of us A-list bloggers have unique personalities and they use it on their blog and in life to make connections with people. Blogging’s all about community and connections and the A-list bloggers are friendly leaders of their communities. They often use video and podcasts which let readers to feel a deeper connection with a blogger than they can just through reading their blog posts.

6. Writing style

The main stay for most bloggers is still words. You don’t need to be a great writer to have a great blog, you can learn how to write well for people who will be reading it on a screen. Improve and hone your writing slowly by writing regularly. A-list bloggers understand the importance of every word on their posts and avoid taxing their readers by using words unnecessarily. They format their blog posts so they’re easy to read online with numbered or bullet-pointed list and clear headers with sub-headers to allow people to skim read and break up long passages of text. Writing headlines is a key skill and the A-list bloggers learn how to draw readers into their blog with compelling headlines using questions, how to posts or ever-popular numbered lists.

7. Blogging connections

Look out for another blogger who’s on about the same level as you and hook up with them. Together you can help propel each other to the top by commenting on each other’s blogs, sharing guest posts, promoting each other’s blogs and motivating each other to keep blogging even when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I don’t rate your chances of becoming an A-list blogger without connections. Show that you’re connected to a wide variety of interesting people by replying to questions or asking them on Twitter, replying to your readers’ comments, writing guest posts for other blogs and inviting up and coming bloggers to write a guest post for your blog.

No man is an island and no A-list blogger is either. Nor should you be. Check that you’re showing the so you can start climbing your way up the blogging alphabet by the shortest possible route.

Do you show the signs of being an A-list blogger in the making or do you know another blogger who is?

Annabel Candy writes empowering tips for life and work at her newly designed blog Get In the Hot Spot. Subscribe to her RSS feed or choose   free email updates for regular helpings of useful, inspiring writing that will teach you how to succeed in life and online.

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10 Initial advice for bloggers wanting to make money blog

Various comments Blog Tips52

Almost every time that I am an interview on your blog, I have a few variants of this issue:

What advice would you a beginner who want to make money blogging?

This is always something interesting to answer, especially when you are prompted to limit your advice to a few sentences to the person can use it as a problem in the opinion of the condensation in tips a.zee bite is that for each Council there are many successful blogs there, which does not do what you're Advisor and yet have had success.

Social Media Marketing secrets

Charlie Cook, the man who wrote the new rules of profit, is back with. Charlie has assemble eight social media experts to teach you exactly how to harness the power of social media such as Twitter and Facebook platforms to make more money for your business.

This is therefore how we developed this programme.Récemment, I had a Tele-seminar event where I put each of these 8 experts on "Hot-post" and had them reveal strategies, formulas, tips and tricks that their customers have paid large sums of money to discover.

Each of these training sessions is approximately one hour long and you can listen to the full on MP3 for each of the eight training calls.

In addition to these eight MP3 you also in eight each interview transcripts so you have this information at your fingertips.

List of speakers and topics

Carrie Wilkerson - where to focus your marketing to rapidly develop the traffic and ProfitsJan Vermerien - simple and fast tactics for creating your online hot contacts and LeadsPaul Dunay - how to use Facebook to attract new and repeat business and growth of their annual RevenueJack Humphrey - network LinkedIn Social Media The Fastest Way to attract more prospects to your business with your BlogRyan Healy - how to create a Killer Blog That Builds credibility and ProfitsKyle Lacy - top to use Twitter to dominate your MarketWarren Whitlock - advanced strategies guaranteed to boost Business RevenuePerry Lawrence - Twitter marketing means video marketing easier if anyone can do it

I listened to the MP3 for the past few days, and so far, it has been very good and very informative.I particularly like Jack Humphrey presented for using a blog ideas to attract prospects to your video module entreprise.Le Perry Lawrence marketing was also very good.

Because everything is in MP3 format, you can load in your iPhone/iPod and play whenever you want.For me, is usually at the gym when I am on the elliptical.A PDF transcript is included for those who love to read.In addition to eight key stakeholders, contains a heap of bonus gratuits.Il has a 65 on how to take advantage of social media as well as six other money-making social media resources page eBook.

Social media is one of the driving behind my .it marketing strategy forces ' is also one of the most profitable because it many cases, cost rien.Tous the boggers, the marketers of the Internet and business people need to learn and use social media and are a good point départ.En more free bonuses, Charlie offers a discount of $ 100 on his programme.est also backed by a 100% guarantee of remboursement.Il is interesting recovery.


More than 5 to drive traffic to your LinkedIn Blog modes

Today, I would like to show you the 5 more money to get traffic to your blog with LinkedIn. To make that sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized by reading our previous post: 5 How to your LinkedIn Blog traffic.

Once you have your profile optimized, you come over here and discover 4 ways to drive traffic to your LinkedIn Blog:

Method # 1: Get good positioning

With the techniques that we will be sharing it is important that you take the time to begin to build a strong profile on LinkedIn.Si you don't have a strong profile installation first and then you will be missing next to business opportunities and new.

The main point here is that you want to appear "open for business" by implementing a profile that clearly defines how help you other personnes.De this way, you are more likely to get more click advertising and interest in your blog.

The first thing to do is become an open networker, which means that anyone can send a message to you and invite you to sign in. This is really important that some of the defaults on LinkedIn is not always allow other users you contacter.Veillez to change your profile settings so that you're a networker open so that you appear "open for business".

Method # 2: Add connections more - groups

This must be something you do on a daily basis.You want to always make an effort to get out and connect with others in your industry based régulière.certaines of these people are your customers, while other people that you can network with in your industry.

The point here is that connections over you, eye balls you get on your profile. So when you post an update or publish a new blog, post more of your connections will see.

A connection is fair in interaction with other people in your industry in a groupes.Vous can post questions and even meet other. More you participate in these groups are most likely you will get remarqué.Comme you get to know others in the group, you can request to connect.

Method # 3: Add other connections "High Profile"

If you go to my network and see statistics of network, you'll see the number of connections that you possédez.En in addition, you'll see how many people in your 2nd and 3rd level of connexions.Chaque time you add new connections, you increase your exposure to your connection as well as for the people you connect with.

To increase your connections and your 2nd and 3rd level providing a connection point for those that have high visibility.There may be other owners blog or anyone who is a person of influence in your industry and has many followers.

They could not know a hole in the ground here is an easy way to connect with them on LinkedIn.It is always a good idea to include an introductory message so that these high connections know who you are.

Suppose you want to connect with John Chow.You may do so by introducing yourself and say, "Hey John, I was an avid blog and newsletter for over a year drive.""I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.Votre name".

This is much more efficient than using just the message by default because John now has an idea of how I came to find his profile on LinkedIn.

Method # 4: Add your RSS feeds in News groups

Another way to simple but very effective to get more people to your blog is by adding your blog to to groupes.Si articles you followed our advice from our previous post, you'll have joined groups of 5-10 now.

Whenever you attend one of these groups, you want to add your article in section News.Maintenant groups you can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn so more groups you join, the articles you can submit and more often users will be displayed in your blog posts.

Method # 5: Use the responses by thinking out of the box

There is a section in LinkedIn called .it answers ' is a good place to get more exposure to your profile by answering other questions of peuples.Nous mentioned it in our previous article, but here's a technique still better for more visibility to your LinkedIn profile.

This is by asking your own question.Et how you can do this is by thinking of a question in your industry that will attract attention and intérêt.Par example, I have a blog of personal growth, so I asked the question:

"If you do not believe in the law of attraction, still works there?".

It generated great interest and received many answers.

When you use this technique correctly, you get many people comment and send replies to your question.Et the more people that answer your question, the eye balls you get on your profile and more traffic to your blog.

Steve and Hani are creators blog for voitures.Découvrez 5 tools that will be quickly create your coaching business and create a waiting list for clients faster than ever before

Dot Com Pho - switch edit

margin:1px;font-size:6PX;line-height:8px;height:8px;background-image:URL('');border:1pxsolid # c8c8c8

The winners of the passes 2010 Affiliate Summit is Gold

Here are the ten winners of the passes 2010 Affiliate Summit is Gold. These passes are worth $ 549 each and allows admission to meet affiliates, exhibit hall, keynote, market winners Sunday educational sessions, access to all videos saved session, PowerPoint presentations, and Affiliate Summit Social Network.

It was difficult to decide who to grant passes for because there were so many entries bonnes.Toutefois, submissions to Pho's Dot Com yesterday after, I am please to announce the following winners:

Joshua DenneyAdrian ChildersCharles FlaumVincent WoonChristina ErlSimon BunkerOleksly ShevchukevhchJames ThompsonDarren DemersHarshad Ghodke

Congratulations to all winners .j ' each of you will send an email with instructions on how to claim your pass 2010 Affiliate Summit is Gold.Je see guys in the Big Apple!

Internet Marketers Meetup Tomorrow Is Vancouver

I will be the speaker featured Vancouver Internet Marketers Meetup tomorrow. I am collecting my PowerPoint slides right now and I am really looking forward to it. Originally we have defined the RSVP limit to 75 but we passed right there. Instead of turning away people, J lounge is their main room at our disposal we welcome of the 25 most people. At the time of the post, a further one RSVP we sell out. I am quite sure that there is made a little and then we will be back to the waiting list.

I have nametags for everyone and J lounge agreed we provide a discount on foodstuffs (20%) and we give a special beer so come hungry/soif.Aucun fresh for this event so just appear and be ready to learn and to meet other persons similar concept!

The meeting is configured to start at 6: 30 p.m. and John begins to speak at 7 pm, we expect close to 100 people, so you need to arrive early to make networking and get a good seat.

I have copies of my new book, Make Money Online: plan a Mughal Dot Com, available for sale in the réunion.Le price is $ 15 and I am happy to sign after the presentation, which will be on how to start your own product on Internet.Josh Rimer, the meeting organizer, told me that he be drying live presentation so that all those who cannot come to Vancouver can settle at 7 PM PST and regarder.À tomorrow!

First challenge of Vancouver cupcake

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Paul Walker launches an ultimatum affiliate cash

Paul Walker, the Supreme creator of Clickbank Cash is back with a new course. Instead of simply focusing on Clickbank, Deputy vengeance cash will learn how you how money with any affiliate network.

Paul course is not like any other affiliate marketing courses. Instead of the "" spend $ 1 ad hopes to back $ 2 ""Paul teaches a business model that works much model mieux.Le vengeance cash affiliate business is the same model that I use to make money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Cash ultimatum consists of a PDF 110 page plan (I am featured on page 64), a step-by-step workbook and 20 videos.Together, materials give you the tools you need to succeed as a filiale.Toutes marketing information are available at a time instead of being the dining room for several weeks.It is also three bonus rapid action for the first 200 customers.

Affiliate Cash ultimatum is normally sell for $ 147 but in this special launch, Paul price system has only $ 47 and it is covered by a 60 day no questions asked guarantee remboursement.Regarder video to learn more.

Limited time offer: FBAdsGuide Facebook Coaching forums

My friend and colleagues super affiliate, Volk, Jonathan has launched its FBAdsGuide Facebook coaching forums. It's a private coaching forum designed to help you succeed on Facebook.

Risk free trial Member

Until midnight on Friday, June 25, Jonathan will offer a day 14 risk free trial for just $ 4,95 subscription.After that, the price will be only $ 50 per mois.Si you will find that the forum is not what you hope that it would be, just cancel before the expiry of the trial period and you won't have to pay, PLUS your 4,95 $'s remboursé.Il have absolutely no risk to you.

If the risk free trial version is not sufficient to ensure that you check out the new forums of coaching, then these additional bonus that Jonathan put together should be case.

1 Access Jonathan Volk and his team.

This is true! You can access ask the man himself, and my team who are behind these massively on Facebook.Jonathan and crew give you personalized attention and support for your Facebook campaigns.That is invaluable to me.

2 Special Facebook tools

We build Facebook, special tools that will help to have a considerable competitive advantage over others on ads in Facebook.Ces tools were ever released to the public and are free when you get your free trial version of Facebook ads coaching forums may! if you are someone badly, you can join forums, catch tools, cancel, refund, and keep the tools. However, I do not recommend that being poorly!

3. Access to a community of people like concept

Jonathan offers this trial delivery to build a huge community of people working together to see Facebook's success.You can be part of this community.Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

4 Case studies real life

I love the case studies!They provide a great way for you to learn and Facebook ads training forums provide at least a month case study from the Facebook ads.This will include real life campaigns, copies of the ad targeting data, etc.Everything you need to learn and duplicate a successful campaign.

Limited - time offer expires on Friday, June 25

Test an offer ends this Friday at minuit.À $ 4,95, there is really no reason to have you do give it a test, particularly when you cannot really losing coaching forums on the marché.Essayez comprehensive during 14 days and if it's not all you hope for, and much more, you'll get your money back.

Jonathan Volk is among leading marketers of Facebook in enterprise .If you read its Guide Facebook ad, you know that he really knows his trucs.Jonathan has averaged nearly $ 4,000 per day during the ten months from Facebook.En ad until Facebook Forums Member ads coaching gives you access to him and his équipe.Ce is rather a none facile.Je you will see in the forums!

Subscribe to FBAdsGuide Facebook Coaching forums

Trends in the blogosphere for your niche using

HomeBlogForumWorkbookBookJobsMake MoneyArchivesAboutContact ProBlogger - TipsWritten ProBlogger Make Money on 12 June 2010 at 05: 06 by Kimberly TurnerUsing trends in the blogosphere for your NicheGeneral Pro News20 blog comments Online Blog

This column is written by Kimberly Turner of Regator (a great tool that collects and organizes the best world blog posts).

Interview with Carleen Coulter - small victories series

HomeBlogForumWorkbookBookJobsMake MoneyArchivesAboutContact ProBlogger - Make Money Online Blog on 14 June 2010 to 01 h 06 by Lara KulpaInterview with Carleen Coulter - TipsWritten ProBlogger SeriesPro Blogger Interviews27 comments small victories

And keep only to Comine typos

Various comments Blog Tips79

a post guest by Larry Brooks de 

I hate being a hater.  I am trying to reduce the list of things I really hate, and I try to keep humans humans completely outside of it.

  Not easy sometimes.  Just sayine.

But it is correct to hate some choses.Comme an injustice.Préjudice.  If extending of politicians with hookers.  Broccoli.

High on this list are typos. 

They resemble tête.Ils lice are as tax audits.Poppy seeds between your front teeth.They like to call your bank or cable company and have 16 levels of automated options to wade through before they will hang up on you.

Typos are provided with the territory by écrit.peintres have clean lay, lawyers have clean divorce agreements and the guys at Wal-Mart has clean this spill on 5 allée.Telle is life.

The battle raged sur.Si you are a writer, you need a plan review.Do not assume the typos, not ready for the typos, is enabling them to water down your brand.

Could hang out a sign that said, allows us to be professional, but now we are not.

Attention the end post night

The bite me just where it counts.

I was already a day at the end of article next in a series being validation.Vie rain leads and it was nearly midnight before I realized that I had not yet it écrit.Mon wife, which normally prints my business had long disappeared in bed with a headache, probably caused by this same rainstorm.

I had a bad headache of my propre.Et I had already taken my beloved Ambien.Une recipe for recovery errors frappe.Une disaster auto-réalisatrice bad spelling, grammatically-pourrie prophecy pending.

So I wrote the thing through the eyelids s sagging.Je rushed, cut corners, just insonorisées.Cliquez the button publish and stumbled in bed.

And horrified the next morning, when I read my email flux.moins for an hour, I received an email from a regular drive me dressing down for deletion of the first balle.Tout, I thought it was my former English teacher

What is a conversion to your Blog?

Various comments Blog Tips60

What is the # 1 thing that you people do when they arrive on your blog?

Last week at an event on your blog that I attended at I asked the question above for 10 bloggers and writes their answers down:

"2 says ' click ' 2 ad say 'buy my product ' 1 said' can subscribe you to my RSS ' 1 says" subscribe to my newsletter ' 4 said that they knew

It is not wrong or right answer - each blog has a 'different' conversion point him - but is a big question to put to you from time to time.

Your response will inform many aspects of your blog, including:

How you design your blog - your call to conversion, you're after must be visible, above the catchingWhat eye and bend you blog on - your blog posts must, at least, linked to your conversion goals and, at best, should lead people to want to take the action you're activities promotional after.Your - know what you want people to do when they arrive on your blog may inform your decisions on where and how to promote your blog.

What is the number one thing you want people to when they arrive on your blog?

PS: tomorrow that I'll flesh it out a little more and share some tips for getting people to take the action you want to be.

Share ThisWhat then?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave a commentRelated PostsGoogle converterAdSense currency introduce a posting period for references - a sign of fraud conversion program?31 days for best Blog - day design 21Blog references ConversionAdSense Ad - 1 year Review program learn how to earn more for your blog, and get more traffic, revenue and proven technical readers faithful, I use for my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost-effective e-mail:

4 Tips for Increasing Conversions on Your Blog

Miscellaneous Blog Tips43 comments

Yesterday I asked readers about their #1 Desired Conversion on their blog and suggested that identifying it can be a powerful thing. Today I want to share a few tips on moving beyond identifying what you want your readers to do and actually making it a reality.

1. Call Readers to Action

Unless you call people to do what you’re wanting them to do you’re unlikely to get them to take that action. Many bloggers worry about being too aggressive with their calls to action, some to the point of not ever issuing them or doing them in just subtle ways that they’re ineffective.

While it’s possible to be too aggressive in your calls to action I think bloggers could do well to be a little bolder in many cases.

Calling your readers to your desired action can happen in numerous places on your blog including in blog posts (which is where they are often most effective), in your navigation menu, in your sidebar, on internal banner ads etc.

The key is to keep experimenting with different ways to call your readers to do what you’re wanting them to do and to track which methods work best. Read more on Calls to Actions within Blog Posts.

2. Positioning

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about getting people to take action is that it is often largely about ‘positioning’.

I discovered this in the early days of optimising the ads on my early blogs. Putting an AdSense ad over in the sidebar initially seemed like a logical spot for them – but the night I put them inside my content and wrapped the content around them I saw the click through rate skyrocket (I found it hard to sleep that night I was so excited).

Why did it work? The answer is simply that I started putting the ads where readers would see them.

A few other positioning lessons:

Above the Fold is Gold – the segment of your site that is on the screen when someone arrives on your site and is seen without them having to scroll down is called ‘above the fold’. Your #1 desired conversion should be visible above the fold.The Power of Pause Points – anywhere on your blog where people ‘pause’ and are looking for something to do can convert well too. For example under your post and around the comments section can be a spot where readers have stopped reading and are wondering what to do next.In Content Rules – whether it’s AdSense ads, an affiliate promotion or selling your own product – putting your call to action inside a post tends to work best in my experience. People come to your blog to read your content (not to scan your sidebar). A relevant blog post to your call to action will always convert better than a random ad sitting on your sidebar.Make Your First Link Count – I’ve tracked hundreds of email promotions and blog post promotions to see how readers interact with what I send them and in almost every single case readers click the first link in a post/email at a higher rate than any other link further down the page.

The key is to experiment with different positioning again and again and to put tracking methods into place that enable you to work out what is and isn’t working so that you can optimise your results.

3. Secondary Conversions

Many bloggers will find it difficult to identify their #1 desired conversion because they have more than just one important thing that they’d like readers to do. They want people to:

click their adssubscribe to their RSS feedfollow them on Twitterjoin their forumbuy their eBookbuy an affiliate productDigg and Stumble their articlesLike their posts on FacebookJoin their Facebook pageemail a friend with a link to the blog

And that’s just for starters…..

The problem with too many desired actions is that you can end up issuing so many calls to action that your blog becomes cluttered and nobody ever does anything.

Having said that – if you do have secondary conversion points, think about prioritising them and also think about how you can lead your readers through a process of doing all of the things you might like them to do.

One way that I’ve done this on my photography blog is to make my #1 conversion point to get people to sign up for my email newsletter. I find that if I can get them to do this then I have a way to access readers over time and to lead them through a series of other conversion moments – but also build a relationship with them.

In the weeks after they signup to the newsletter they get emails that all have opportunity to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, that promote our eBooks (including one with a discount and strong call to action), that point them to some of our best content where they’ll also see ads, that invite them to pass on the newsletters to friends, that have calls to action to join our forum…. etc

Some of these calls to action are subtle and are just buttons in our email while others are stronger, but over time I find that the typical newsletter subscriber actually will probably take anywhere from 3-10 of our secondary conversion objectives.

The key is to get people’s permission to stay in touch and then to gently lead them through a variety of conversion activities, all the time also providing real value and building relationship/trust with your readers.

4. Rethink your Priorities over Time

Blogs evolve, mature and change over time. As a result the priorities in your objectives and desired conversions will probably change also.

I’ve seen this numerous times in my own blogging as my situation has changed.

In the early days of making money from blogs my #1 objective was getting people to click my AdSense ads. I needed to get my earnings up in order to stop other jobs so that I could dedicate more time to blogging. AdSense was also converting really well so I spent a lot of time working on ad optimisation.

In time I began to see the power of hooking readers into coming back to my blogs again and again rather than just sending them away to advertisers. I began to promote my RSS feed more prominently. This of course led to me experimenting with different types of subscribing and getting readers to connect with us in different ways – ultimately email newsletters.

More recently as I’ve begun to release my own products my priorities have begun to shift a little more towards generating sales. I still want people to subscribe to my newsletters as the #1 objective but higher up on the list now is for people to hear about our products.

In future I’m sure the list of priorities will continue to evolve and change and as a result the calls to action I issue will reflect this. The key is to keep asking yourself about your objectives.

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Become a Blogging expert in a niche in a Blogging course running

Various comments Blog Tips23

One of the more interesting to get things to me in two months is to see a group of bloggers meet to make 31 days to create a better Blog workbook together.

In this post, I would like to share the story of how a blogger has received a group of bloggers collaborating together from the workbook, and in doing so, increased in its leadership in the niche.

A few months back I have been approached by Paul Steinbrueck with an interesting .the request wanted to take a group of bloggers from in its niche (Church/Christian bloggers) through the 31 days to create a better Blog workbook. They were going to tackle it over 6 weeks rather than only 31 days (to give people the weekends) and had established a forum for bloggers participating area interact specified were offering rewards for those involved, held some comments in blogs involved etc.

I've been really excited by the idea - while I ran live versions here on ProBlogger 31DBBB until this has been one of the first times that I had seen a group of bloggers in a unique niche collaborate through it .the potential for collaboration and the encouragement of a group of working in the same niche bloggers was powerful for that I my blessing him and offered participants 25% reduction in the workbook.

What happened in the 6 weeks has been much to watch.You see Paul announcement post calling people to join ici.Je don't know the exact number of those who participated (I have heard from the outset that he was at least 23 but know that another network of bloggers joined in, so there was more than that - and based on those who bought the eBook with the discount code was approximately 40).

In the coming weeks, I have had email participants a certain return power how they had obtained out of it.La most commented how much more powerful that it was as a groupe.Pas everyone has to end (6 weeks is a long time to commit) but it seems that those who have given some tangible interviewed bénéficient.Paul bloggers at the beginning and at the end of the project to measure results, and this is what he said:

For those who play at least half lessons and has at least half the assignments, the results were surprising:

Page views increased by 97% of visits increased by 48% of visitors unique plus 67% of comments increased 152% RSS subscribers increased by 13%

Paul continued in report:

"As part of this growth is probably a temporary relief due to project itself, provided the most remarkable improvement in a domain that is sure to have a lasting impact"

8 Habits or very excellent bloggers

Various comments Blog Tips49

A client computer by Célestin Chua since the Blog of personal excellence.

You are you already asked what are the characteristics of the upper part, successful bloggers and excellent?

I have.  Since I started my blog, the Blog of personal excellence, in 2008, I studied the top bloggers widely. I have read many articles on how to create a great blog. I have listened to various bloggers say their piece.With personal experience, I learned what works and what doesn't work and integrated habits of blogs.Il gave me great results. After much work hard in the past 1.5 years, the Blog of personal excellence has become a resource property trust and established on how to achieve excellence in life. It has 3 500 subscribers, 5,000 readers per day, 110 k page views per month, more than 160 articles, a bundle of free ebooks and has appeared on CNN and AsiaOne.

Although there is still a way before that my blog reaches ranks blogs list as ProBlogger, Seth Godin, blog somehow and Zen habits I am not daunted by what is venir.Si the last 1.5 years taught me something, is the top bloggers excellence have 8-8 habits, which, when we practice duly, guaranteed to bring you results consistent patterns. It is not a miracle, he has no chance, nor is an anomaly. Living in line with these 8 habits, you become a highly excellent blogger as well.

(1) Provide the best value in each article.

As a blogger highly excellent, you do not write articles with a little of value or a value.No, you are designed to provide your largest value whenever you write.Never write for written reasons or validate in order to update check every word counts for something.

When I write my articles, if it is to my blog or is a post called like this one, I put my best foot forward posts preceding .Mes invited on Problogger took me a few days to write (with breaks in between) .Parmi commenters said I was "take this guest post by too seriously in thing", probably referring to the effort was en.Que guest post in question has been long 3,000 words (more than most desktop called Problogger), filled with tips step by step, links to relevant resources and deeply personal sharing. (in fact, this guest post is 3000)

Trends in the blogosphere + write great 'How To' increase

HomeBlogForumWorkbookBookJobsMake MoneyArchivesAboutContact ProBlogger - make money online Blog ProBlogger TipsWritten on 20 June 2010, at 12 h 06 by Kimberly TurnerBlogosphere trends

12 More credible ways for your Blog posts

Various comments Blog Tips32

Educated readers want information today from a credible, reliable source said researcher and writer Michael Low.lorsque convince them you that you are the source, they believe, and read what you have to say.

Here are 12 ways to make the credibility of your blog posts:

1 Use the detail rich and strong.

When you use a rich, strong language, words that paint vivid images in the spirit of your drive, it tends to believe what you say because it may see itself. After all, see, as they say, is believing!

2. Use the scientific or technical language.

I know that this goes against the grain of what provides most of the people. But depending on the type of article you write, it may be appropriate to use scientific or technical terminology that shows (without more) your scope - and therefore, your authority - on the subject.

3. Use the description of sequencing or processuse.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to describe the steps necessary to achieve a result.A list of numbered steps would be a good example of this.Or even a simple description in a single paragraph, such as:

After your new monitor computer out of the box of the first thing you'll notice is a small bag containing three cords.A blue cord, one is red and the other black. Take the blue cable and plug the USB on your computer, plug the other end (coded orange) on the left side of the screen in the port labeled "audio in".Et so on.

4 Use graphs, charts and graphs.

There is a saying in sales (where credibility is paramount) that "Nothing sells as a demonstration".the says true in building the credibility of your article content too.If the content of your article is ready to demo via a graph, chart or diagram you use it.

5 Use picture illustrating the subject of the article in the action.

This is not always possible.But have you noticed how the media use the pictures for you intriguing pull in article by attracting your attention? photos can be like any powerful when used in your articles to add credibility to your message.

6. Use scholarships, certificates and qualifications.

You have any special certificates or prices for an implementation that supports your credibility as an author or taking the message you write about?If so, use them in your articles.La majority of masses still considers a measure knowledge of persons and worthy of trust-ness.

7. Use testimonials and endorsements.

If you say, it is hearsay .If said someone is probably vrai.Utilisez therefore testimonials or endorsements in your articles, especially since a recognized source.If it is written on the New York Times, or if someone famous back, he mentions in your article.

8 Use a logical flow of information, in particular the logical argument.

Start your section with something quite your drive is in agreement with, then walk the reader through a series of "facts" carefully or information flow leads them to the conclusion that you want the accepter.De this way, you can build a bridge of things your drive already believes things you want to accept them and confidence.

9 Use personal stories or stories.

It is quite difficult to argue with a true story, something happened to you or someone you know (or even someone famous) .If you have stories or relevant anecdotes from the point that want to do in your article, use them.

10 Use cases - including examples of the lives of those studies may apply to your drive.

If there is a good point documented case study that you want to make, use it in your article.Faire out the details of people and places involved and your argument becomes even stronger.

11 Use significant characteristics, General wave step.

There are some interesting quality in the more specific facts spécifiques.Les and details you use most people feel what you said is précise.Par example, avoid using phrases such as: "several years ago" course rather than say, "on 26 May 2005, a week after my father... anniversary"

12 Use examples to illustrate your point.

Even in the conversation, it helps if you give your listener examples of what you say to help him understand your message .it ' is not different in writing of the articles.Si you want to see the true power examples as a "communication" amendment, try yourself explaining deliberately through examples in the following conversation you have with someone at home or Office.

Michael Low is a writer, researcher and entrepreneur.Il is also the author of a free book entitled How to write Articles People Want to read

Then, share the ThisWhat?Digg it save this PageSubscribe to ProbloggerLeave a commentRelated PostsBlogger CredibilityHow to create a credible BlogHow to generate credibility as a young Blogger/EntrepreneurExperience builds CredibilityLongevity Blog of Blogging learn how to earn more for your blog more traffic, revenue and proven technical readers faithful, I use for my own blog tools & services I recommend exclusive tips to make blogging easier and more cost-effective e-mail:

How to keep envy when blogs becomes difficult

Various comments Blog Tips51

ProBlogger Alice Spurlock Facebook page requested:

How can I get inspired to write when I< 5="" readers?="" it="" seem="" kind="" of="">

How I conquered being uncoordinated and Getting Things road

Various comments Blog Tips56

Today was a day folle.Nous are launching a new eBook with another site on dPS tonight and there were lots of planning, writing copy for email, sales and blog posts, setting up shopping carts pages and much more.

I thought that day would be a write down when it came to my other activities, but still, I managed to get a lot fact-peut-be same day more normale.4 blog post, I wrote (in fact it makes 5), published 4 other other writers, has managed to keep my inbox at the same level box was yesterday and did a bit of a sermon preparation I write for my church... next Sunday does step mention things normal family.

How is it that today has been more productive than a normal day?

Today is a day where I work longer hours than normal, dosed place on shelves from cold and influenza, freak or drank 6 cafes rather than my 2 normale.Au over the years, I have noticed these sorts of days - and there is a common point together.

I can summarize it with this chart:

Monday, 14 June 2010

How I made the $ 500,000 blog

Hot on the heels of my new book best sales of, I wrote a new eBook! And unlike my paperback book, my eBook is not will cost you anything because I'm giving suite for free! You can download it here.

The new eBook is the Blog end result template and it details the business model that I used to turn this blog more than $ 500,000 to do last year.My first eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot com, has been downloaded more than 200 000 times and has helped tens of thousands of bloggers around the world to increase their traffic and earn more money .If you like my last book, you will love it.

Not only is my free eBook, but only for download, you will receive an entry to win an iPad of Apple.You cannot lose on this affaire.Vous get a free eBook detailing how I make about $ 40 per month to your blog and you'll have a chance to win an Apple ainsi.Profitez iPad!

Difficulties with your Blog? Try these three simple tips

It is difficult to create a blog with success! You can have lots of content and post often follow that all rules of the top bloggers-and still not get traffic, visitors and sales you deserve.

There are three major rules to a successful blog lacking many bloggers relève.Dans this post, I share them with you... and show you how to implement quickly!

Rule No. 1: get a real email autoresponder service until it was too late.

Many bloggers are a critical error: they only icons RSS and/or Feedburner subscription e-mail subscriptions on their blogs.Nous will expand each of these and look at why these are severely hinder your ability to make money with your blog:

RSS icon: blog readers more still do not know what is RSS or how to use it. Unfortunately, even with the advent of Google Reader, RSS is still not mainstream.

Even for technical blogs, I is not yet recommended RSS as the main option.Why? if you are offering products to your audience, you want to create an emergency. Email is that people consider email appears in their most urgent inboxes and often take immediate action. RSS is a more passive method; many blog readers do not read their RSS subscriptions every day. If you are selling products or make a sale limited in time, a subscriber e-mail is worth much more than a subscriber.feedburner email RSS subscriptions: it seems an excellent idea, it is not?You can simply plop a piece of code on your site and Feedburner will automatically email your subscribers of your latest blog posts.

Unfortunately, Feedburner suffers from many of the same issues as RSS.It may take up to 24 hours to send the email, which means that if you are maintaining a sale 1 day, your subscribers e-mail Feedburner peuvent Miss.Also, you cannot send (other than automated) separate e-mails to your list.If you want to remind your list a listing ends or to obtain a product until it was too late, you will need to write an instead... blog, post and then wait up to 24 hours for Feedburner to email .it ' is a bad solution, and I regret ever offer on my blog. (I still have hundreds of Feedburner "blocked" on my list, subscribers are not on my list of aweber).

I recommend aweber for any blogger grave.Certes, their solution costs money .but you will much more money with it … so much more that you pay for the solution.Je aweber $ 66 per month for my 5 500 payroll

Spam: Where It Comes From and how it escape

In 1936, long before the rise of the personal computer, Hormel Foods created SPAM. In 2002, the company will produce its six can billionth of processed food products. But whereas the brand was adopted long ago in the world of Internet spam.

That cooked it!(Comment_n'a_tout_commencer?)

The modern meaning of the word

More than 7,000 eBooks downloaded in less than 48 hours

Less than 48 hours after launch of my new eBook, The Ultimate Blog Profit model, more than 7000 downloads have been recorded. I wasn ' t really expect this much of a flood. Then, the eBook is free, and download it you enter a prize draw to win an iPad of Apple. I assume that I underestimated the popular desire for free stuff.

How to create your eBook.

I have received a few emails asking me how to make an eBook readers.I wrote gain Ultimate Blog pages for Mac.Pages's model has a function to export to export the file as a PDF.Il file has even advanced password protect the file (which I do) options to prevent copy and paste (which I did).

Five things to watch for the purchase of a site at Flippa

There are many existing and new markets for the purchase of Web sites to add to your portfolio, and no market is just as popular as Its ideal to find useful Web sites that you add to your portfolio marketing AdSense or affiliate location. However, there are a few things you need to monitor for, and no more waiting, here they are.

Will really do you What They Say?

Not to be a newbie and obtain any dream on sites that are a good amount of monthly income.They can have the stats backup past earnings, but how to ensure you can you will make you that much?Be sure to read where was from traffic passé.Si it came from private email newsletter hissing, you will obviously have access to qui.donc my Council is to ensure that the majority of traffic comes from referencing and backlinks optimization results.

Duplicate sites

Be on the lookout for sites duplicate by using tools like to check duplicate content. Sometimes sellers may assert that website is part of a PLR resale, and while it is perfectly legal, I prefer not to buy these types of sites. I am going to sites made by individuals wishing to sell with intentions to try to return it to the total value of the original site, or simply let go the website and they see rather it better hands.

Find out how the site will be transferred to you

Probably, the site you are trying to purchase will be finally transferred to your own hosting account, and is beautiful. But my own experience with Flippa, make sure that you will receive 100% of the content.There are two scenarios that I mentionner.La first is simply get any real content of website you have mistakenly achetés.Parfois, they cannot include files, especially if it is a large site of your purchase, and that does is not same aware that these few pages were missing.The other scenario really bugged me .it ' when I bought a site that had all these automated Plugins fantasies that required all these SQL databases custom WordPress and whatnot.Le site Web I bought was supposed to bring fresh new content to my Web site every week, but never worked.When I tried to get the seller me out, he never replied.

Additional fee

More important than anything else I've mention (and should be the # 1 thing to scan when you find a seller) is noted the additional costs that you may suffer if you buy a site.Each sale is unique due to pricing, methods of payment, the transfer fee by the seller (if you don't know how to transfer yourself), and so forth.

Why are sales?

Prior to you all your who what where, when, you need to understand is the pourquoi.Pourquoi - seller willing to let go of their website? if it is a completely new Web you buy site for cheap, then this is probably because you buy a site break that is already beginning, but now it's your job to generate traffic and maintain .when ' is for sites that are already making money, this question is really into jeu.Pourquoi someone willing to let go of a comfortable and passive margin flow?

These five tips should keep alerts you of certain things to look, not to push away from the purchase of these Web.Certains sites sites Web on can be extremely useful, and not to discourage and take note of these five tips until you are ready to buy.

This guest post by Hemal Patel blogged.

Dot Com Pho - Edition of the football fever

margin:1px;font-size:6PX;line-height:8px;height:8px;background-image:URL('');border:1pxsolid # c8c8c8

Shift shortening of URLs with tracking conversion

URL shorteners are all the rage, especially given the restrictions on number of characters in places like Twitter. Some of these URL shortening services provide statistics and measures, but LinkShiftr it takes a whole new level.

In this review, we will look at some of the features that LinkShiftr out of the concurrence.Tous the affiliates and marketing specialists Internet there should probably pay attention.

What is the LinkShiftr?

According to developers, LinkShiftr combines some of the best elements of URL shorteners like and associates the high-end service as Tracking202 features.

The net result is a full service that is "designed to help affiliates to better campaigns in less time".Parmi main features in LinkShiftr are link simple rotation, split testing, optimizing links warped, passing variable and conversion tracking on all platforms.

A shortcut URL, multiple destinations

After registering an account with LinkShiftr, you can access the Panel control utilisateur.À from there, you can start your "changing" URL.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outsourcing, site load time and other neat stuff

by Jack Humphrey April 23

This week has a ton of really cool resources, you need to retirer.Elles include:

as soon as possibleneat of new services and resources for Google page load time in their algorithm and how to ensure you site load factor new outsourced work donerevisiting one old friend: Tweet Brain

View the Original article

Link building, development of content for new Blogs

Report on traffic today was widespread with the value.  A veritable smorgasbord of tasty tidbits for the internet marketing specialists!

To begin, I gave a shorty on the most important things that you should focus on when starting a new site/blog.Il has tons of things must be to start a site, but the Stitchers out two segments I share today on content development and link creation will be among your concerns above, whenever you create any type of Web site.

Jim Stroud launched in with some links very killer and news on the SEO cool new tool that you will love Twitter, the major importance of the new button like Facebook and why you need to install on your site immediately and even a shorty on Hugo Chavez tweeting with Fidel Castro. (weird but relevant)!

Click here to listen to the show:

View the Original article

The incredible size and power of Facebook

Image via Wikipedia

  Facebook is enormous.The savons.Presque everyone you know has a Facebook page these days.

This is from the Facebook phenomenon stats that really show us how the social network has infiltrated our personal and professional lives.

We are discussing today on the impact of Facebook in the perspective of marketers and how we all better understand Facebook users (all) to get more attention for our own sites.

In other news, you believe not what countries beat us in internet speed! including some you may have never heard of before!

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Getting accepted on eBay Partner Network

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

A member of the success of the Blog asked recently how best go about getting accepted into the eBay partner network.

AT sounded great whip on the new 3.0 utility displays as an excuse and get to work!(si_vous_pouvez_appeler_ce_travail,_lol)

EBay has a tendency to focus on ecommerce sites more easily than others, but there are ways, you can better ensure that you get approved in their network.

You will find below resources and posts of persons who have suffered the application process first hand eBay partner network and have advice to share...


Advice: 7 to get accepted by ePN

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RTF radio: Utility displays live; Facebook search results and confidentiality issues

Image via Wikipedia

If ever you have listened to our weekly podcast before, today's show is that you need to start with!

I speak of how to get all ratings, links and targeted, free movement you need search engine and I prove it with the results of recent research, direct .j ' have even include a video below the podcast show that I talked to the today show.

Also in this episode:

Facebook, the issues of privacy and "Black PR"

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Network of viral links and Facebook Privacy Controversy worsens

by Jack Humphrey May 21

  We have talked about today a new way to build backlinks to your site.It is easy to use and free - just recommend to other webmasters gives you a chance to win money while you develop your cool backlink.Très network!

Jim updates us on the issue of privacy of Facebook, including a recent Wall Street Journal article on the subject.

Listen to find out how to get tons of backlinks, obtain an update from Google TV and protecting your privacy on Facebook!

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Friday traffic radio report

by Jack Humphrey may 28

Here is what was the show today:

WordPress Plugin gives you more control over your outbound linksSkye, releasing video call to AndroidMom that diverted Facebook page convictedYahoo-Zynga offers wire may mean "Farmville ' on YahooApple now more company tech in the world"


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Facebook's Web-Capture suite and the problem with social "news"

Blog Marketing Expert Jack HumphreyBlog promotion, social marketing and link building tips.HomeContactHire MeKnow Jack marketing tips blog! SubscribeFacebook du Web-Capture suite and the problem with social "News" by Jack Humphrey June 4

Rants today, feasts and thoughts centered on Facebook and link building, the new tool tailoring of Google and the decline of civilization through the new socially generated and punditry. (Yes, we talked about that stuff, lol)

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The episode marks

by Jack Humphrey June 11

  Brand image.  Most people don't understand it.I do understand always either. today my guests, Anissa Wardell, helps us understand the significance of the mark you, your website or company.

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